Quartz, second most common of all materials, is a composition of high percentage of Silicon dioxide, SiO2. It is distributed all over the world as a constituent of rock & is present in forms of pure deposits. Quartz is an essential constituent of igneous rock & is also the primary constituent of sand.

We offer best range & premium quality of minerals, which finds their application in various Ferro alloys plants, in ceramic, jewelery, refractories, paints & in various industries. Extracted from best mines in India these minerals are available in different grades and finish. Available in various specification, we also offer customized range of Quartz to suit the varied requirements of our customers. .

Our Quartz is being largely & popularly used by all our clients. With the specificiation of both above and below 99%, we procure quartz of different varieties for our industrial clients . it is commonly used in Ferro Alloys and Ferro Sillicon plants. Its hardness is 7 on Moh Scale and specific gravity is 2.65. it is best suitable for higher capacity induction furnance of upto 1730 degree Celcius. we supply every required sizes of our customers. The different forms are :-

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